In November 2013, I left my life behind to drive 7,000 miles around the US for 3 weeks on the first Live Your Brand Tour. With nothing more than an iPhone & suggestions from friends, I ended up interviewing 18 companies about how they lived their brand. All of these stories were later published in Entrepreneur Magazine.

4.5 years later, it's time for round TWO!

In 2017, I'll be back on the road with the Adventures in Branding podcast and a fancy videographer friend, Stuart Jones. We'll be traveling the US chatting with entrepreneurs, CEO's, coffee shop employees, gas station attendants, and anyone else who will give us their time. Know someone? Dates coming soon!

Where We're Going


We're going places and collecting brand stories - from humans, businesses, non-profits - anyone who will talk to us. Here's where we'll be.


Dates coming shortly!